Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To Cut or Not to Cut

So, Nathan's hair is getting really long. When we actually straighten out the curls, it goes about 2-3 inches down past his neck (at the back). Whenever we take him out in public, everyone thinks he's a girl, no matter how boyish his outfit is. I know it's hard to tell gender on a lot of new babies, but let's face it, he's now 9 months old! Scott thinks we should cut his hair... I'm not sure yet, but I thought it would be fun to take a poll.

Please take a second and vote in the poll called "Should We Cut Nathan's Hair?" in the column on the right. --->


  1. Nathan may get mistaken for a girl by blind old ladies, but when else can he have such long beautiful hair?? I say, don't cut it till his first birthday!

  2. I think you should cut it just a little bit...BUT...If the Leafs then lose, Scott will know that Nathan's hair is a good luck charm, in which case I would make sure that it grows for the rest of the season so he doesn't have to suffer the humiliation of missing the playoffs yet again.

  3. Oh such a tough decision...I love his locks...but I for one hate it when people mistake Jacob for a girl. We dressed him as a pumpkin for Halloween and everyone kept saying "Oh she's so cute!" Jordan eventually made me take off his little hat! Stupid people! So I guess it just depends on how much you mind people talking about how beautiful he is:)!

  4. What's the verdict? What did most people vote???


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