Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving weekend. We put the turkey in to bake on Saturday morning, then went to watch JD's hockey game. His team won!

(Waiting at the arena while JD was changing)

We were lucky to get to host Thanksgiving here at our house. Scott ordered a fresh turkey from a nearby turkey farm. Fresh turkeys are so delicious. If you've only had frozen turkey you haven't lived.

We enjoyed turkey dinner with Grandma, Nana, Papa, Jeff, Lindsey & kids, the Bridge family, and our old neighbour, Mila (old, as in she's no longer our neighbour, not saying anything about her age).

Sunday morning we woke up painfully early to drive to church three hours away to say goodbye to Scott's cousin who is leaving for a 2 year mission. Aunt Suzanne made up for the early morning by hosting a big turkey dinner at her home after church.

Our kids napped all the way home, so when we walked through the doors at 7:00 PM, they were full of energy and ready to have some fun. Luckily Monday was a holiday, so we didn't have to worry about early bedtimes.

Monday was a relaxing day at home with the family. We tried to go apple picking, our Thanksgiving weekend tradition. Unfortunately, the orchard we have been picking from lately had a very small crop due to hail earlier in the season. We managed to scrape together a bushel, but they were slim pickings.

We came straight home and made fresh apple pies. Fresh as in the apples went from on-the-tree to in-our-tummies in about three hours. I think this should be our new tradition.

Speaking of tradition, this year I made two huge pots of our Thanksgiving Turkey Soup. We love it so much, sometimes I think we have the turkey dinner just so we can make this soup the day after.

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  1. Yum, this is making me excited for another turkey dinner at Christmas. You need to send me your turkey soup recipe.


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