Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November Birthdays

JD & I both celebrated our birthdays this month.

My birthday was wonderful. Scott had planned a day in Toronto for the two of us. We went to the temple with some friends, ate ridiculously good food, did some quick shopping (new bedding from West Elm!) and ended the night with front row seats at Wicked.

Wicked was so good! We both loved it. Scott told me during the intermission that he was torn between watching the actual show and watching the orchestra and conductor, who were almost as entertaining as the people on stage.

Thank you Mom and Emma for watching our kids all day, and thanks Uncle Jeff for taking JD to his hockey practice.

Speaking of JD....

He has a party planned in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime we had dinner and cake on his actual birthday.

The pictures are stuck on my camera right now, so I dug through my older photos and started reminiscing about some of my favourite Jesse memories.

JD is such a special boy. So energetic and fun-loving, yet so sweet and tender underneath his extreme hyper-activeness.

He has really blossomed in the last few months and is doing well at the new school. His reading in English and French has improved dramatically and he has made lots of new friends.

He continues to excel at hockey and piano. He has a wicked slapshot.

He melts into a puddle when he sees his green blanket. And he still sucks his thumb, although after the dentist's lecture at his check-up today, he has promised to try (harder) to quit.

He drives me crazy pretty much on a daily basis... But when I think about how much I love him it brings tears to my eyes.

JD is generally a lot like his Dad. But he and I have plenty in common, besides our birthday month.

We both love shrimp. And babies. And getting our backs scratched.

Happy Birthday JD!


  1. Love the pictures. What a boy you are Jesse. Your smile melts my heart. It was fun to share both of your birthdays with you.

  2. K seriously your birthday sounded PERFECT!!! Well done Scott!!! Reading your words about JD made me tear still astonishes me every day how much these little babies we have the honor of raising mean to us. There is just nothing that compares to them!!!


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