Monday, November 29, 2010

Pierced Ears

Samantha has been waiting for this day for quite a while. I can't decide if she was more excited or nervous. I guess excited because she went through with it without any hesitation.

My Mom had reminded me to make certain the holes were pierced in the exact middle of the lobe. I'm not sure if I took her advice a little too far. But it seemed like my perfectionism was starting to give the poor lady at the jewelery store a complex.

But they look great, so it was definitely worth the double quadruple-checking.

She seemed like a resilient lady...

Here are the results!




  1. Congrats Sam! They look great! That's really exciting!

  2. SUCH A BIG DAY!!! I remember well the day I became an earring wearing woman:)!!! And she'll thank you later for the triple checking...mine are not perfect and its always bugged me!!! Congrats Samantha!!!

  3. Congratulations Samantha! That's very exciting! You look so grown up! I remember when I got my ears pierced that I was so excited it didn't even seem to hurt.

    Cassandra, I would be the exact same way if it was my daughter getting her ears pierced :D

  4. They look perfect (good job mom!). So exciting.

  5. Yay, that's so exciting!! I totally remember getting my ears pierced and it hurt a lot, but I was only 4 or 5. Jayna just said "How old is Samantha? I want to be 10 so I can have earrings too!"


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