Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a Trunk-or-Treat bash at the church on Saturday night. The kids got to go trick-or-treating from trunk to trunk at all the cars in the parking lot.

There were some seriously cool looking trunks too - the decorations were awesome.

This year we had a medieval lady, a ghost pirate, a ninja, a zebra, and Tinkerbell.

We also had the cutest little Mario & Luigi cousins.

The great thing about our party on Saturday was that the kids got to hand out candy at home on Sunday, something they have never done before.

We tuned in to the Halloween edition of Extreme Home Makeover, popped a big bowl of popcorn, and took turns answering the doorbell every 1.2 minutes.

Clara kept sneaking over to the candy bowl by the door and quietly picking a treat, which she would then hide under the table.

She didn't ever ask for someone to open one of her treats. Probably because she thought that if she asked, we would notice what she was up to and take the treats away.

So she just spent the night alternating between lining them up on the floor, and then picking them up and hugging them. Every few minutes she's sneak back for another one.


  1. Cute costumes! Love those sneaky treats ;P

  2. LOL Clara...Jordan caught me doing the same thing!!!! I can't believe how much harder Halloween is when you have 5 children verses 2. Sigh...this Momma thing is only gonna get harder!!!


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