Thursday, February 18, 2010


The only thing constant in life is change.

This year has brought about two new changes in our lives.

1. In January, Scott was called to serve as the Bishop of our Ward at church.

2. This July we will be moving!

After looking for several months at dozens of homes, we finally decided to build a new home. We found a nice lot in a subdivision just outside of the city in a great, family-friendly neighbourhood.

We have been in this condo for 10 (plus) years and this will be our first real move since we've been married. We are very excited!

If you want to read and see details of our home-building project, you can do that here.


  1. OHHHHHH soooooo excited for you guys!!! Wow Bishop, thats huge for both of you. Good luck:)!!! Heading over to see your house pic's now:)!!!

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to see it finished. I am sure it will be beautiful :)

  3. At least it's all good change. I can't wait to see the house when it's finished!

  4. Wow, your house is looking great! It seems like things are moving along quickly. How exciting!

  5. the house is looking fab! mom & dad told me you guys were building a big beautiful new home, how exciting!

    oh and on a different note. i think its hilarious that Jesse now wants to be called JD. lol Pat was telling us at Christmas that he is quite adamant about it...gotta love kids with their own personalities! how cute!


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