Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Camera Loves Nathan

Nathan's new favourite pastime is posing for pictures.

It goes down like this:

Nathan comes to me and says, "Mom, take a picture of me!"

I grab the camera and wait for him to smile and say, "Cheese."

He does so, and then hurries over to look at the camera screen to see the picture show up.

Then he runs back in front of the camera and strikes some crazy pose he thinks up in the moment. Usually it is something totally random and half the time he's purposely not looking directly at the camera and / or not smiling.

He holds this pose until I take the picture.

Then he comes over for another look. Sometimes he'll say something like, "Cool" when he sees what it turns out like.

Then he'll do it all over again.

And again.

And again.

One of the funny things about this is that he does not get tired of posing. We only stop when I distract him with another activity.

I am the kind of person who much prefers to be behind the camera.  I'm pretty sure he gets this trait from his Aunt Jordana.

Here's a small sampling of his photo shoot on New Year's Eve. (What makes these even more funny is Nathan's dirty face.) 


  1. Hahaha!!! These are all hilarious, I love that kid! Yes he definietly must get that from me, those are some sweet poses! Where does he come up with them? What a cutie!

  2. Abby also loves the camera. It's hard to take any photos or videos because she can't wait to see herself. I always catch her pretending to snap photos of the dogs. Maybe there could be a career in there someday.

  3. LOL these poses remind me a bit of zoolander...he's got skills!!! Ha ha love the comment about Jordana...and that she didn't even defend herself:)!!! Oh you Samhuri girls...I miss you!!!!

  4. That was so funny! The pictures are pretty cute too. I love that kid!

  5. These pictures are HILARIOUS!!! I love all of his creative poses. Nathan is getting to grown up! He's starting to look like Brett and Jesse now.


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