Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bath Time

Nathan loves baths.

This morning he said to me: Mom... Can I have a bath?

Me: You just had a bath last night. Let's go play with your cars.

Nathan: Mom! I need to go in the bath!

Me: It's not bath time. Let's play a game.

Nathan: MOM! I want to take a bath right now!!!

Me: Nathan, you can have a bath later. Do you want to read a book with me?

(He thinks for a second about what would be more convincing.)

Nathan: But Mom... I'm soooo dirty!

(I hide in the kitchen so he can't see me laughing.)


Five minutes later:


  1. HAHAHA. I can totally picture that conversation!

  2. What is it with kids and water? It's hard to be mad when they just want to be clean and sanitary!

  3. I think I need to take lessons from Nathan, haha! He looks so cute in that picture.

  4. Adorable!!!! Jacob is often in there twice a day...its all the fun bath toys!!!

  5. So cute! Well, just wait... once he's 10 and needs a bath/shower every day, he won't want one ;)


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