Monday, December 17, 2007

Brett's Tooth

I guess deep down I knew it was inevitable with three boys in the family and all, but I don't know if I was ready for this day to come so soon... On Tuesday we had our first hockey-related injury. Brett took an accidental stick to the mouth while playing floor hockey with Scott, Samantha & Jesse at the church. His front tooth was not chipped, broken, or knocked out - but it was somehow pushed back up into his gums.

We took him to the dentist right away for an x-ray, and he assured us that it will be just fine, since it is still a baby tooth. Uncle Gibb? Can we get a second opinion here? (Just to give you an idea, his two front teeth used to look identical to the one on the right. Also, this picture was taken right after it happened, but for the three days after his upper lip got really big and swollen.)

Brett was such good sport about the whole thing, and really hasn't complained much. He did get to pick a toy out of the dentist's Treasure Chest and has been begging Scott to play Chess with him every day since (he picked out a dollar-store chess set from the chest). Actually, for five years old, Brett is quite good at Chess and has come close to beating Scott once or twice. And don't think for a minute that Scott isn't trying his hardest. I have learned that letting a kid win at a game (in order to boost his or her self-confidence) is totally a female inclination, and that guys will totally try their hardest to win, even if it means crushing a three-year-old's heart because you just beat him or her at tic-tac-toe in ten consecutive games.

Anyway, Brett's lip is almost back to normal now, and his tooth hasn't turned a shade of gray or anything, but the worry wart in me is wondering if his permanent tooth has been affected at all. I suppose only time will tell.


  1. I banged my sisters front teeth into our TV when we were little - they turned gray after a while BUT NO DAMAGE TO THE BIG KID TEETH!!

    Don't worry!

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