Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & Baby News!

We've had such a wonderful Christmas holiday and break from regular life. With the festive season winding down now, I'm looking forward to getting back into some semblance of normalcy (i.e. putting the kids to bed at half-decent hour and eating something other that Christmas treats for breakfast). Scott tells me he checks my blog daily hoping for an update and I'm sure he's getting tired of looking at that super close-up of Brett's tooth injury, not to mention so much has happened since then. Here it is (in a nutshell)...

Christmas 2007 at the Hill House:
  • Christmas Eve day was spent doing some last-minute errands, shopping, and wrapping
  • Christmas Eve night we went over to our friends Dave & Tasha's home along with some other friends for a fun night of make-your-own-loaded-nachos (and a pile of other delicious food) and, of course, visiting. Lots of visiting. A little unorthodox for our family for Christmas Eve, but we were so glad to spend time with dear friends and we didn't stay too late because we didn't want to miss Santa
  • Christmas morning the kids ran downstairs and were happy to see that they were pretty good this year after all?!?
  • We read the Christmas story from Luke 2 before tackling the presents under the tree (Actually, we have a tradition of opening the presents one at a time so that everyone gets to see each and every present... And yes, we clean up all of the wrapping before the next present is opened)
  • Shortly thereafter Nana & Papa showed up from Kingsville, along with Grandma Paton, and the present exchanging started all over again
  • We talked on the phone to family members across the globe before indulging in a traditional Christmas turkey feast
  • We spent the rest of the day enjoying new toys and games and ended with some Karaoke before the grandparents had to head home in the evening
  • A couple of days later my sister Mona came to visit (she took the train from NYC where she had spent Christmas with her fiance)
  • Jesse came down with an ear infection and was in quite a bit of pain for a couple of days until the Biaxin kicked in
  • Scott and I went to a party on New Year's Eve while Mona had her own party at our house with Samantha, Brett, Jesse & Nathan (We tried to convince her to come with us, but she insisted that spending the night with our kids would be more fun for her that going to someone's home that she'd never met) They played Mouse Trap, made treats, watched a movie, and stayed up REALLY late!
  • The next morning, despite several inches of newly fallen snow and the forecast for more treacherous weather ahead, we set out on the drive down to Windsor to get together with the extended family on the Hill side (Scott's Dad's relatives). The roads were bad, but the reunion was great and we stopped back in Kingsville after for more time with Pat and Bill
  • Grandma Paton and Uncle Tom came by for a visit, and the kids entertained us by dressing up with some of Nana's clothes they found in a dresser in the basement and coming up as various "people", such as George of the Jungle, complete with theme song. Some of their ensembles were quite creative, but my favourites were Brett wearing Nana's silk nightgown and Samantha and Jesse wearing dickeys as skirts.
  • Scott did a fantastic job of getting us home safely that night despite a highway closure (due to an accident), and the incredibly slick road conditions. We saw a lot of cars in the ditch (I stopped counting after the first five) and I was so grateful when we finally pulled into our own driveway late last night
  • Today was a sad day as we said goodbye to Mona and sent her off on the train back to Montreal
Hands down, the most exciting thing that happened this Christmas was the arrival of our new nephew, Tyler Wade Hill, who decided to make his grand entrance into the world on December 29 (eight days late), weighing in at 9 lbs 2 oz, born to the world's proudest dad (Jeff) and mom, Lindsey. We are so happy and excited for them and can't wait to meet the little... er, not-so-little guy!

Is anyone making New Year's Resolutions this year? I would love to hear what you are all resolving to do in 2008! I've got a New Year's Resolution spreadsheet in the works, but for now I will share just three:
  1. read more books
  2. do monthly meal plans
  3. stress less about unimportant things
I hope to maybe blog a little more too, but I haven't set any specific goals for this because I really enjoy it and don't want it to become a chore. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2008 will be a year to remember.


  1. Wow, why am I not surprised you have a spreadsheet for New Years resolutions. You should make a resolution to make less spreadsheets!! Your life would be so much easier.
    I don't believe in New Years resolutions anymore. Who ever keeps them for more than a month, and even that's pushing it. Gibb converted me off of them when we got married.
    Have you read Because I Said So lately? There's a hilarious post about dieting, her New Years resolution.

  2. Ian says " I knew I liked Jordana!"
    -He doesn't believe in new years resolutions either....but to be honest I have a few....(for myself and him) But no spreed sheets
    Glad you had a great Christmas and all the best in 2008. I hope 1 of your resolutions is to spend more down time with your friends xoxo we sure love you guys

  3. spread sheet (typing to fast xoxo)


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