Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Year Older... More Adorable Than Ever

Scott turned 33 today. He thinks his life is half over now, or in his words, "I'm halfway there."

! *roll eyes*

We talked about going out for dinner, but ultimately decided to stay home with the kids, as we have something going on every other night this week. Or maybe it was because Scott's becoming more of a homebody in his old age and doesn't want to go out anymore, I can't remember. I offered to make him any meal and dessert of his choosing, and he asked for homemade pizza and chocolate mousse cake. (I think he was trying to let me off easy, wouldn't you say?)

Four years ago I unintentionally started a tradition of taking Scott shopping for something on his birthday. Just for those rare things that he needs that I wouldn't be able to pick out for him, like I usually do with jeans, shirts & ties, shoes, clothes, and well, pretty much everything. But it started with sunglasses four years ago and last year it was hockey skates, and this year it is going to be running shoes and/or basketball shoes. (What do you mean that's not as exciting as a shopping trip to Cleveland?) Scott is always reluctant to go, as he doesn't like to spend any money on himself, but he always comes around eventually...

Scott and I first met just over 11 years ago, but it feels like we've known each other forever. He is a loving, supportive husband, and truly my best friend.

Happy Birthday, Scotty. I love you!

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