Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fresh Picked: Teacher Gifts

My sister sent me a super cute idea for Teacher Gifts.  They were easy and inexpensive, which was perfect because I needed four altogether and had little time to prepare them.

First, I made some fruit themed card sets: 

Next, I picked up some "Fresh Picked" Soap from Bath & Body Works.  I got them on sale for $3.00 each:

Saved some strawberry baskets from berries we bought recently:

Then I printed these tags and made them into cards:

Nathan's message to his teacher:

Added some cellophane wrap and ribbon and they're all done:

Total Cost: $3.00 each (plus wrapping / card supplies which I already had on hand)  

Who needs Pinterest when I have my sisters!?  Thanks, Jordana :)


  1. Those turned out so cute! What a good idea to add in the fruit cards too, perfect! I actually got this great idea from Lindsay, who got it from her sister, hehe!

  2. So cute Cassandra...Nice work! Thanks again for showing me the ideas for Shayna's wedding invites yesterday...I showed her some of the examples you gave me and she is super excited! Loves them!
    I will have to remember this fruit theme idea for when Ethan starts school!

  3. Who needs Pinterest when you're a walking pinterest!!! Seriously you ooze pinterest cuteness all over the place!!! Great job Cassandra and Jordana...I'm going to have to mentally pin this one!!!

  4. I laughed when you said "easy" and then... "made some fruit themed card sets". For me, those two don't go together. But, you're amazing and those gifts are perfect! I'm sure they loved them!


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