Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentine's Day in Numbers

116:  number of homemade valentines that were made for four school parties, one Activity Day exchange, and one preschool party

304: number of pink and red Pretzel Hugs made for valentine goodie bags and class parties

1: number of trips to the bulk barn to get other assorted valentine treats and wrappings for goodie bags

16: number of times Nathan had to write his name on the back of his valentines (he did such a great job and did most of them in one sitting)

57:  number of goodie bags made up for classes, piano teacher, visiting teachers, and friends

1:  number of cheese and cracker platters made up for Nathan's class party, since the teacher had requested something moderately healthy

465,279:  number of calories consumed by five kids in the form of chocolate and candy

17: number of calories consumed by five kids in the form of salmon, rice and veggies I cooked for dinner

12:  number of roses Scott brought home for me, even though I told him not to get me anything as we already went on a fun date Saturday night and have another date planned for this Friday

12:  number of pink flowers Scott brought home for Samantha, who was so excited to get her fist bouquet of flowers that she took them up to her room and fell asleep later with the flowers right beside her

1:  number of helium balloons Scott brought home for Clara, which she has not stopped dragging all around the house

0:  number of photos taken of kids on Valentine's Day


  1. Cassandra...I think I got exhausted reading your post! HA HA!!! Your children and their schools (and all the others mentioned) are lucky to have you! With all those numbers, it sounds like a lot of work : )

  2. Hilarious. You need to hire help to do all that stuff for you. Except eating the candy. That's a mandatory mom job.


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