Friday, February 17, 2012

Library Day

We've been visiting the Library a lot lately.  Our kids are really into the Asterix & Obelix books right now, so we go back often to see if there is anything new.

On Monday I took Clara there for the Storytime Hour and she had fun singing, listening to stories, and meeting some new kids.  

Afterwards she made a Valentine for her friend.


  1. Hey Cassandra,
    What is better then getting lost in the world of books.
    Gettting to colour a fun picture has to be a close second!!
    Way to go !!
    Love Nana

  2. Wow, she's growing up! Miss you guys!

  3. Clara looks so much older in these pictures - maybe it's her long ponytail. What a little cutie she is! Haha - I remember when we loved Asterix and Obelix books too! I still do... And Tintin, of course :)

  4. I used to love going to the library! Love that sweet hair :)


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