Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Already?

Weekends go by way too fast! Here's what ours looked like:

Friday night was date night. We hired a sitter and went out for dinner to Garlic's - one of my favourite restaurants. We've only been there a couple of times, and we learned on Friday that they change their menu quite often - usually weekly. Scott had just been recently for a business meeting, and intended to get the rainbow trout again, but it was no longer on the menu. He went with the salmon instead and I had the lamb sirloin. It was SO delicious! We spend the rest of the evening with some friends and ended up watching Spider-Man 3. I haven't seen the second one yet, but still really enjoyed it.

On Saturday Scott took the Brett and Jesse on a road trip with Papa up to Bognor to do some work on the land.

On Sunday we had planned to drive down to Kingsville to visit Pat after church, but we ended up spending a few hours at the hospital instead, as she had developed an infection and had to return to London. Fortunately, they were able to treat it without admitting her, and she is back home again.

Just a few pictures to share today:

Jesse on the first day of school. It's now two months into the year, I still cannot believe Jesse is going to school! He really enjoys the social scene. When we ask him what he likes about school, he alway talks about how much he loves seeing his friends there.

These pictures were taken at the apple orchard where we went picking on Thanksgiving day. Jesse must have eaten at least half a dozen apples while we were there.

Jesse helping me get the Thanksgiving turkey in the oven, wearing his favourite Superman pj's.

Jesse loves Nathan to pieces, but is still learning appropriate ways to show his affection. This is the look Nathan usually has on his face when Jesse comes around.

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  1. I love Nathan's face in that photo! And Jesse is so cute! I can't believe he's in school either!


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