Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I'm feeling a bit emotional tonight. I'm not sure why I get so worked up about our kids' birthdays, but for some reason I always seem to get sad when it's time to say goodbye to another year and stage of life.

I feel like Jesse has really turned a corner in the last little while. He's more mature, more helpful and even more serious at times. Don't worry, he's still the rambunctious trouble-maker we all know and love, but he's definitely showing us that he's growing up.

So, in honour of Jesse's last night as a three-year-old, here are some Jesse pictures:

Recovering from a bee-sting on his foot :(

Eating cherries in Grandpa's garden

Did we mention those were sour cherries?

Reading with Josie

Jesse & Chase

Are we there yet?

Canning peaches with Uncle Eric

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  1. WOW, I can't believe Jesse is 4! He really is a little boy now, not a toddler at all. Happy Birthday Jesse, we love you!


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