Sunday, September 9, 2007

Update On Pat

The past week has been quite busy as we are all trying to spend every spare moment at the hospital with Pat. Kim and Karri are still here, and it has been wonderful to have them here (I'm sure Pat would agree!) Karri is staying overnight with Pat this evening and then she flies back to Lethbridge on Monday night. Kim flies home on Wednesday morning.

Pat is progressing well. She is still quite sore and has a lot of pain - in her right shoulder especially - but the doctors and nurses are pleased with how her recovery is going. She was in high spirits when we were there today, and we had a nice visit together. She can't talk yet, but she uses simple hand signs and writes on her whiteboard and we can communicate quite well that way.

She has a smaller "trach" tube in now, which allows her to talk a little bit (one word at a time, with quite a bit of effort). Hopefully by Tuesday they will remove that tube as well, and she will be done with almost everything but the feeding tube (her IV came out yesterday). There are even talks of her going home on Wednesday if she continues to heal and progress until then.

Today she told us that the best things in her life are her children, their mates, and her "10 chubby grandchildren". I'm assuming by chubby, she was referring mostly to Nathan.... :) Our children have been asking about Nana everyday and wondering when they will get to see her again. She is such a fabulous mother and grandmother and we look forward to spending more time with her when she's feeling up to it. We love you, Nana!

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