Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sweet Soccer Girl

Samantha played soccer this summer for the first time and loved it! I noticed that her skills really improved by the end of the season, and we had a lot of fun going to her games and practices twice a week. Unfortunately, we missed the end-of-season tournament, as we were on vacation in Alberta.

Being a first time soccer Mom, I learned that soccer teams have different sizes of jerseys, but the smaller sizes get picked first. Unfortunately, we were a couple of minutes late for the very first practice and there were only large sizes left. It didn't help that Samantha was by far the smallest player on her coed team. As you can see, Samantha's jersey was more like a dress.

I can't get over how brown the grass was in July. It was nice and green when we got back from our trip, but for a long while there was very little green grass anywhere in London.

It was great when Scott could come to the games. He made things more exciting by sitting in his lawn chair and yelling out, "GO NUMBER SIX!!!" the whole time. Samantha would roll her eyes or pretend not to hear, but really she loved it.

This picture was taken on July 26 (Jordana & Gibb's 5 year wedding Anniversary). We baby-sat Jayna after soccer so they could go on a date.

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