Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nathan at Seven Months

I realize that Nathan is now eight months old, but since he turned seven months in Alberta, I have a little catching up to do. At seven months, Nathan got his first 2 teeth, started eating huge amounts of solids, and realized how much he loves the sound of his own voice (baba, dada, mama, nana - all those great baby babbles).

Here are some pictures of Nathan on our Alberta vacation:

This is where we docked to go biscuiting and wake boarding in Waterton Lake. I love the confused look on his face.

Nathan loved the boat rides on Waterton Lake when we visited the Stewart's cabin. The motor put him to sleep in about 2.5 seconds.

Just hangin' out with Aunt Marie

Nathan & Nathan - Scott's good friend from Edmonton.

Nathan & Scott at West Edmonton Mall where we took the kids Mini Golfing.

Fast asleep after the hike up Bear's Hump in Waterton on Scott's back.

Nathan & cousin Tycee

Nathan in the old red high chair at Grandma & Grandpa Jensen's.

Everyone should have a big brother like Brett. He takes such good care of his "little Nathan" as he likes to call him.

Nathan & Buddy (the Stewart's dog)

Nathan & Great Grandma Jensen

Nathan & Great Grandpa Jensen

This picture was taken by one of our kids - they all love to take pictures with the digital camera. This one turned out pretty good, but now I can't remember who it was that took it.

All ready for the 3 day drive home in the van... He doesn't look too impressed, but he was SO good! He cut his first tooth the day we got home and we didn't even know he was teething!

This was taken before our trip - when the Fitzners visited us here in London. But I just love this picture of Jayna and Nathan together.

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  1. Cassandra, that is a great picture of Nathan, Scott and I. We really enjoyed having you guys visit at our place and look forward to doing it again!!


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