Sunday, January 29, 2012

Till We Meet Again

Yesterday we went to the funeral of Aunt Heather, who passed away Wednesday afternoon, surrounded by family and friends.  She had been battling a rare lung disease for a few years, and her life ended much too soon, as she was only 59 when she left us.

Aunt Heather was simply one of the most amazing women I have ever known.  She had the ability to tackle anything with gumption and creativity, and she made everyone in her presence feel loved and special.  She and Uncle Peter, after raising 3 children, took in several other children who needed a place to call home.

Our children loved Aunt Heather.  They have fond memories of her house because there was always so many fun things to do there.  From her decorations and activities, to the playhouse, chickens, pets, and good food, any old visit always felt like a party.

Aunt Heather loved antiques and anything old, especially if it had special meaning.  When she heard that we had named our youngest daughter after her (Heather's) Grandmother Clara, she brought over all of Grandma Clara's china.  What a precious treasure to pass down to our daughter from her great-great Grandmother and namesake.

Scott and I visited Aunt Heather several times in the hospital during her final days, and Scott was able to share some particularly touching moments and conversations with her during those visits.

While we know that we will be together again one day, we will miss her so very much until we meet again.

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  1. I'm so sorry Cassandra. My thoughts are with you dear girl. How thankful I am each time a loved one passes for our knowledge of the gospel and that we'll be together again. She sounded doubt Heavenly Father has put all her many talents to great use already!!! xo


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