Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nathan Turns Five

Nathan was so excited to turn 5 years old.  

He had school on his birthday, and asked me to make him some cupcakes to share with his class.  We had some "Big Foot" candies left over from our New Years Party, and he had asked if he could have them on his birthday cupcakes.  I kept teasing him that he was giving his friends stinky feet cupcakes and he patiently explained to me several times why the candies weren't stinky or made of real feet.  

All ready for school on his birthday:

This was Nathan's first year to have a "real" birthday party with friends and games and decorations.  He chose a Star Wars theme and we had so much fun planning his party!

Nana, Papa, Grandma & Grandpa all came over to join in the fun and help out with setting up.  Papa blew up a LOT of balloons and Nana spent the morning taping them up everywhere.

The invitations:

The decorations:

The party bags:

The games:

Star Wars Bingo
Yoda, Yoda, Kit Fisto (invented by Nathan after Duck, Duck, Goose - with his favourite Star Wars Characters, of course)
Musical Star Wars Characters
Glow in the Dark Dance (with glow light sabres and glow bracelets they won as prizes for Bingo)
Star Wars Blindfold Game (kind of like Pin the Tail on the Donkey with ships and planets)
A Pass the Present Unwrapping Game that we used to play when I was a kid!  When the music stops, whoever is holding the present gets to unwrap one layer.  Thanks to Grandma who wrapped the prize at least 20 times.  It was very suspenseful.

Opening Presents:

Thanking all his friends: 
(Samantha dressed up as Princess Leia for the party.)


Nathan loves being five.  His main goal in life is to catch up to his big brothers in every way.  So turning one year older is only bringing him closer to this goal.  

He is growing up so fast.  He loves Junior Kindergarten, is learning how to ice skate and how to read.   He loves to ask questions, most of which I am not smart enough to answer.  
Happy Birthday, Nathan.  We love you!


  1. Great job, Mom! That's one party I wish I got an invite to.

  2. All the decorations look great Cassandra!! I'm glad he had a fun party. And I think it's so cute that Samantha dressed up as Princess Leia for the party.


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