Sunday, October 4, 2009

Update: Conference Weekend

Scott has gone to Salt Lake City with three friends for General Conference this weekend. They went to a BYU football game on Friday night too, which Scott said was a lot of fun.

It's been cold and rainy, so the kids and I have been enjoying the indoors this with friends, movies, popcorn, blankets, and books. I even let the kids pull out the DS's that they have barely touched since our Alberta trip.

Today we are heading over to a friends' to watch the rest of Conference. Should be another great day.

It's hard to believe October is here already. All of a sudden when the weather got colder this week, I started thinking about needing to pack up the shorts and sandals and get out the vests and jackets...

And gourds, apples, pumpkins, & cinnamon. After all, next weekend is Thanksgiving! One of my favourite holidays. I LOVE fall.


  1. Fall in Utah is beautiful. Redy sky at night dimming to orange over the mountains. Brings back lots of wonderful memories of dating a certain BYU girl. Priesthood session last night was the most wonderful meeting I have participated in for a long time. Creating some great memories, but can't wait to get home!

  2. aww tender...he certainly got the best girl BYU had to offer:) way to go Cassandra...conference by yourself, plus 5 are always amazing me!!!

  3. Hey, I like your new look. I will be there to enjoy Thanksgiving with you. You are an amazing woman, a delightful daughter, wonderful wife and loving mom. I love you...


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