Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clara's Eight Month Update

I woke up last Monday thinking there is no way that Clara can possibly be eight months old - already! Unfortunately, the calendar doesn't lie, and time just keeps marching on, despite my reluctance for it to do so.

Here are some of her recent milestones:

She cut tooth number two, just few days after the first one. She is working on getting some other teeth closer to the surface, and seems to have a constant runny nose, despite not being sick. Overall, she has been pretty good-natured about teething, with just a few grumpy days (and nights) here and there.

Clara is on the move! She has learned to drag herself around on her stomach with her arms (the army crawl) and is getting quite fast. She can whip across the room in just a few seconds at the sight of something appealing (paper, a plastic bag, electrical cords, an open staircase, etc.). She's very close to real crawling, but every time she gets up on all fours all she does is rock back and forth.

Clara could have 100 baby toys in front of her, but will ditch them the instant she spies a marble, a piece of lego, a bug, paper, or any other choke-able or inedible item. She can spot any of these things from a km away, and will have them in her mouth in a matter of seconds if nobody is paying attention enough to stop her.

She's still sucking on her 2 left fingers, and has graduated from the cradle, finally. She is getting bigger and more fun to play with every day and is a pure joy to have in the family!

On a totally unrelated note, I just wanted to mention that we have 12 Play On! events happening this summer, 9 of which are in June. So, I guess this is a warning that I may go missing for a while.

Thankfully, my Mom flies in tomorrow. Not a moment too soon, as we had our Winnipeg event last weekend, the kids have started into soccer season, and things are starting to get even more chaotic around our house. (Didn't think that was possible, did you?)

I will try to pop in periodically for a little update here and there whenever I can. For those of you fellow bloggers out there, I will be checking my Google Reader daily, so keep the posts coming!

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  1. YAY!!! Why haven't I been following your blog????? I was running this morning and was thinking about my dear old friend Cassandra and it dawned on me that I was almost positive you had a blog!!!! Well you're on my list now girlie...I can't wait to get caught up with your life:)!!!! love and miss you!!!


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