Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day Update

Yeah, I'm here to post Halloween pictures... on Remembrance Day. But before that, just a quick update on life around here lately.

First, Pat had her surgery, actually 2 surgeries, last week and is recovering in hospital, and doing quite well overall. Here spirits are up and the doctors seem to be pleased with her recovery so far. She's been through so much, and her strength and selflessness is truly inspirational. Thanks to all of you who have kept her in your thoughts and prayers.

Secondly, my little sister flew out here for a visit with her two kids and we had so much fun together! In my dream world, we would be next door neighbours, raising our families together and hanging out every day. In the real world, I'll settle for a whirlwind week with 7 kids, virtually no sleep, but making memories to last a lifetime. Read more about her visit here.

Thirdly, Clara is coming up on 8 weeks and the other day someone told me she doesn't look like a newborn anymore (sniff). My mom emailed me and threatened to do something drastic if I don't send pictures, so here are some recent snapshots.


  1. Thanks for the pictures...threats do work, even on big kids! You are awesome. I love you and all you do for your family.

  2. Those pictures of Clara in her pink dress turned out cute! Jayna keeps calling baby Jordyn baby Clara now...we miss you guys!


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