Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who Stole Our Sweet Baby and Replaced Him with a Terrible Toddler?

Well, Jesse has officially been absolved of his role as the family Trouble-Maker. Yes, The Toddler has taken that over quite nicely. He is walking now, and getting into more mischief every week.

Our other kids are adapting to this new way of life with The Toddler pretty well. They usually remember to keep the toilet lid down and the bathroom door tightly closed. They keep marbles and small pieces of Lego and K'nex picked up (with reminders). And all phones, laptops, wallets, and other valuable or breakable objects are kept higher than 2.5 feet off the ground (that's Mom & Dad's job, mostly, although Samantha is good at helping too).

We no longer have nice things such as picture frames or candles displayed on side tables, coffee tables, or shelves that are below my eye level. In fact, a couple of friends came over the other day and asked, "What's with all of the purging? Are you guys moving???". After about 10 minutes spent with The Toddler, they said, "Never mind, we get it."

Our beautiful wedding lamps are going out with next week's garbage as a result of one (or two... or ten) too many topples with The Toddler.

There are some benefits to this stage of childhood. For one, I don't have to sweep the floor as often, as The Toddler loves to eat any forgotten leftover food he finds under the table. (What do you mean you don't find 6 hour old pieces of crusty toast and jam appealing for an afternoon snack?)

And the fact that he answers "NO" to every question he is asked never fails to provide entertainment for the rest of us.

Yes, somehow, despite all of the trouble he gets into, we all still find him irresistibly adorable.

Nevertheless, I often find myself counting down in anticipation to that glorious and precious time of day commonly referred to as, "NAP TIME."


  1. Ha ha, I like how you now affectionately refer to Nathan as "The Toddler"! I didn't know he was walking, go Nathan! Him and Jayna will be quite a pair now, we should see who says NO the most in a 10 minute span. So much fun, I can't wait to see you guys again!

  2. Oh my goodness...I should not have read this post. I have almost forgotten what I'm in for when my perfect, innocent, almost-5-month old gets a little bigger...The joys of raising kids!! I do have good news...before you know it, he will be 12 and you'll wonder, "How'd that happen?" Trust me.

  3. Maybe I should have read this after I get to your house. But now I won't worry about how to keep up with my fitness program, I can just chase Nathan, I mean The Toddler, around the house. I will take him to the park and he can eat sand for a change. I am so excited to see The Toddler and his entourage in 9 days.


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