Monday, April 21, 2008

Front Page News

If you're in London and get a chance to look at the London Free Press today, there's an article about Play On! with a picture of Scott. It's not huge, but it is on the front page.

If you're not in London, check out the article online (minus the photo):

>>> click here <<<

While you're at it, check out the new Play On! website and let me know what you think.

Oh, and in case you haven't talked to us in the last 48 hours... this blog has gone PINK for a reason... :)

(No, it's not October)

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  1. I was wondering when you were going to post about the baby...I'm sooo excited!!
    The Play On! website looks amazing!! I'm excited to attend my first Play On! event in Edmonton, I can't believe I've never been to one yet.


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