Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to School

I'm always surprised at how quickly summer is over and school is here again.

Samantha is in Grade 6 this year.  Grade 6!

Brett is in Grade 4 and is in a 4/5 split class.

JD is in Grade 3 and is in a 3/4 split class.  This has been a HUGE change from his grade 1/2 split from last year.  

(The French Immersion section of this school is quite small, so there are a lot of split classes.  So different from their old school which had over 750 students in french immersion)

Nathan started JK this year.  He was so excited and ready to tackle school.

We drove him on his first day, which was almost 2 weeks after the other kids started.

As soon as we parked the van, he jumped out, grabbed his backpack, said "Bye Mom!" and started walking off confidently in the general direction of the portables.

We had to chase him down and explain that his class was in the main school building - in the opposite direction - and that we'd go with him to meet his teacher and get him settled before leaving.

He came home after the first day and said that his teacher's short name was Jones.  But that he usually called her by her long name.  When asked what her long name was he replied: Mrs. Jones.

(Oh, Mrs. Jones.  You have no idea what you are in for this year....)

Nathan goes to school all day, every other day.  I think Clara and I are going to enjoy some good quality time together on our 2-3 days a week without Nathan.


  1. Haha, I love Nathan! Cute pictures, and I love that there's an extra shoe in the first picture. :) And I can't believe Samantha is in Grade 6 now, so crazy!!

  2. wow grade six eh?? nathan is soocute i hope they have an awesome yr this school yr :) willl have to get together soon :)

  3. Nathan is so adorable. i love that he calls his teacher Jones for short. I already can't wait to see you guys again next summer.


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