Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Weekend

Here are some more photos from our Easter weekend. Some highlights:
  • Samantha and I had a fun Mother-Daughter Activity Night at the church. Lots of crafts, decorating cupcakes, friends, and fun.
  • Aunt Heather & Uncle Pete planned an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids... in the hen house! Such a fun idea and the weather was perfect.
  • Clara loved the chickens.
  • We headed to Colasanti's after the Egg Hunt. Our kids had fun playing with their cousins. I love the photo of Landon chasing JD.
  • Brett and Scott enjoyed some time with Papa watching Hockey and Man Tracker.
  • Nana made a beautiful and tasty Easter Ham, and decorated two tables for such a big group.
  • Clara scavenged all of the chocolate eggs left behind by the older kids and had her own dessert party on the kitchen floor.
  • We came home for Easter Monday and spent most of the day cleaning out the garage.
  • For Family Night we made treat baskets to drop off for unsuspecting families. Our kids love to ring the doorbell and race to the getaway car (aka the van).
Happy Easter!

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  1. My that was a busy fun filled weekend Cassandra.
    You deserve a lovely nap in the sunshine.
    The trouble is it's not possible with little people to tend to. It's a great thought though, if you can trick them into napping first. Ha!!


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