Monday, December 20, 2010

JD's Birthday: Part 2

We had a party for JD and his friends at our house. Guess what the theme was... ?

The loot bags... filled with NHL wrist bands, hockey cards, a puck, water bottle, and hockey treats. Oh, and Play On! t-shirts.

The cupcakes had NHL team chocolates on top.

We started the party off with a bunch of games downstairs. Scott and I were a great team. I planned the games and he ran them. We played lots of old fashioned games (musical chairs and pass the present) but they all had some sort of hockey twist.

Presents were opened.

They came upstairs for cupcakes and snacks.

We played NHL Bingo until the parents came to pick up the guests.

Nathan was at his friend's birthday party the same day and came home dressed like a pirate.

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  1. It looks like Jesse's dream come true party! I love how excited he is about his presents, what a cutie! And Nathan makes an adorable pirate.


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