Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Samantha's Haircut

Samantha decided she wanted to cut her hair short.

I was sad to see it all go, but went along with it because

1. She's nine years old and is wanting to make her own choices and be more independent.

2. She has a sensitive head and HATES getting her hair brushed or styled by anyone, but especially her mother. Hence a lot of ponytail days or plain untidy hairdos.

3. It's hair. It will grow back.

4. She's so cute, I knew she could totally pull it off.

Pretty much every girl that sees it has just loved it but the guys (Dad, uncles, Grandpa, etc.) haven't liked it as much. Is anyone really surprised by this?

Here are the before and after pics.


  1. Not even a little bit surprised!!! I think its in men's genetic make-up to prefer long over short! I however LOVE LOVE LOVE it short!!! So sophisticated!!! Makes her gorgeous features pop!

    Thanks goodness you're back...this blog has been a loooong time coming!!!!

  2. Adorable - of course ... she's your daughter!! It's strange to me that she's the same age as Alex. You're too young to have a nine year-old.

  3. Ooo...très chic Samantha! The Hills might have a little fashionista on their hands :)

    Wow - I cannot believe she's nine already. Hard to believe you and I were her age when we met!

    Thanks for the lovely updates CJ x


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