Thursday, March 7, 2013

Enjoying the Quiet Today

This week Scott has been travelling to Calgary, Regina, & Saskatoon.  He gets home tonight.

Today the older kids all have school, which means Nathan & Clara will be home tomorrow.

Tonight my niece, Sara, is flying in to spend the next 6 days with us.  Samantha has been counting down for weeks!  :)

Next week is March Break.

In a moment of weakness, we offered our home to billet some young people for a Youth Conference hosted in town this weekend.  Which means we will have up to 15 teenagers sleeping in our basement tomorrow night.

So today...

While Clayton & I have the house to ourselves...

We are enjoying every peaceful minute of it.

Even though we have an abundance of work to do.

Even though I'm still getting over being sick for the better part of a week.

Even though Clayton has a threshold of 2.7 minutes of playing happily on his own before needing to go back to his permanent perch on my left hip.

Even though I am very much looking forward to the activities we have planned for the next 10 days...

We are really enjoying the quiet today.


  1. What a blessing to be able to enjoy some peace. Sometimes that little bit can refresh and uplift enough to carry us through the 'not so quiet' times.

  2. I so know those days!!!! Funny how when I was young I hated the quiet. Now I long for it....just for a day:)! How did the Billeting go? I remember when that was us. Oh the memories!!! Nice to read from ya:)! Xo


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